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About Us

The JCB Institute for Learning Company was formed to provide support and services to schools and school districts in support of student learning, with particular emphasis on putting conditions in place for all children to be successful in learning-“all means all”! We are well prepared and committed to provide targeted assistance for assuring that:

• Standards and expectations are high for students         and employees
• An action plan is in place for student learning             success
• The schools/districts are organized for results
• The focus is always on children first
• Goals, objectives, and indicators of success are           established
• Resources are aligned with the education plan to         best support teaching and learning
• Each classroom has a highly qualified and certified     teacher
• A growth, development, evaluation and                   accountability plan is in place for all instructional       personnel
• The environment is proper for teaching and learning
• Diversity is celebrated and all students and                 personnel are treated with respect and appreciation
• Decision making is data based and supported by         current research
• Leadership is focused on what matters the most:         student success and well being


Our Mission Statement

To educate all students toward success through professional growth opportunities for educators, with special focus devoted toward males of color.

Our Team


Johnny E. Brown


Carolyn J. Brown


Reesha Johnette Brown 


Berlin L. Brown


Mary K. Brown-Ruegg

As long-time educators and community leaders, the Browns recognize that more will be accomplished in our society through the sharing of knowledge and information than we could ever accomplish otherwise. In that vein we welcome your suggestions for opportunities to better serve you.

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