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This book presents a set of reflections and ideas for better educating our children. It is also about Emerson Street -- neighborhood and name of the street of the home of the author’s growing up in Austin, Texas. It is about race, class, quality of life, and faith, ending with suggestions about how to move schools toward a better system of academic success for all children and, thereby, impacting the common good and resulting in higher quality of life for all.  Also, included is a summary of the Winners Always Practice Program, which is a set of tips on winning strategies for sports games and for life. The author expresses confidence that things can happen for the better; he has kept the faith – in things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. 

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The Emerson Street Story: Race, Class, Quality of Life and Faith: In Business, Money, Politics, School, and More


“Fresh, provocative, captivating and insightful. A masterful job of weaving together insights on race, class, quality of life, faith and more. Dr. Brown’s reflections provide a fresh outlook and guide for leaders everywhere. A compelling and vital read that makes a uniquely important contribution. A truly great book.”

Dr. Abbe Boring, former superintendent and college professor

“Dr. Brown educates us through his stories of resilience and overcoming obstacles. A must-read for anyone wanting to learn to succeed and win in life.”

Robin Ruegg, retired senior manager U.S. Department of the
Treasury and author of “...And the Home of the Braves!”

“In the midst of many societal challenges, Johnny Brown deepens one’s belief that close family ties are significant in shaping the social, spiritual, financial, and moral values of our lives. The illustrations in his book of systemic racism create within us a sincere desire to dispel this societal ill. A calming, yet convincing presentation.”

Joan Mathis, high school and college instructor

  "The author’s brilliant, inspiring retelling of his real life story engages you significantly in learning about him as a person who has used his experiences to build a legacy of love, strong family values, and excellence in leadership. What he shares in his autobiography serves as a foundation upon which others can create their own legacies."

Carolyn J. Brown, former principal and curriculum specialist

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JCB Institute For Learning (JCBIL) specializes in offering leading edge services designed to help you to improve your leadership and support skills needed to increase student learning. JCB Institute offers dynamic learning strategies that will better enable you to meet the needs of all children. We provide techniques that will lead to improvement of your performance and, thereby, the improvement in learning, growth and development in our students.

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"The information gained will be shared with my leadership team as verification of educational innovations being implemented."

"I have gained knowledgeable information relevant to data literacy and strategies I can transfer to the classroom environment."

"The presentations were presented in a very practical manner. Information is easily transferable."

"I liked the fact that the presenters used examples of their experiences as a learning aide to present the content."


It is not uncommon to even make assumptions that for those students who attend certain schools, especially in the suburbs, the expectations and standards and level of success will be high while in other schools, like those in inner city neighborhoods, just the opposite. We have a choice and our company includes leaders in the field who will help to “drive home” what to do; why; how, how much and where; and tie it all to the accountability plan.

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