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Memoir of a Farmer's Daughter

LIFE ON THE LAND: Memoir of a Farmer’s Daughter is an inspirational look at life through the eyes of a black child during a time when cotton was king. Carolyn J. Brown shares her story of living on a farm in Northeast Texas. She details the challenges and joys of growing up in a family of black cotton farmers who worked on their own land. Upon leaving the farm for a career in urban education, the author faced different kinds of challenges and rewards which she describes. Also included are strategies that engage children with literature in meaningful ways.

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The Emerson Street Story 2:
Winners Always Practice Program

This book is about the Winners Always Practice Program (WAPP), which is a set of tips on winning strategies for sports, games, and life. The information presented is beneficial to everyone, from childhood through adulthood on 21 components to consider which, when practiced, add joy and value to each day. Each component is aligned with ten biblical verses to tie the recommendations with a faith-based platform. The program was first introduced in the book, entitled: The Emerson Street Story: Race, Class, Quality of Life and Faith, published - August 2020. Following the recommendations for behaviors, practices, and actions dramatically increases the chances for success, happiness, and higher quality of life. The author explains how practicing each of these categories and components each day positively affects relationships with others within and across race, class and otherwise. We can all succeed and get along with others by taking time to practice well established and accepted behaviors presented in the book.


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The Emerson Street Story: Race, Class, Quality of Life and Faith: In Business, Money, Politics, School, and More

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J & C Brown Institute for Learning at a Glance

JCB Institute For Learning (JCBIL) specializes in offering leading edge services designed to help you to improve your leadership and support skills needed to increase student learning. JCB Institute offers dynamic learning strategies that will better enable you to meet the needs of all children. We provide techniques that will lead to improvement of your performance and, thereby, the improvement in learning, growth and development in our students.

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"The information gained will be shared with my leadership team as verification of educational innovations being implemented."


"I have gained knowledgeable information relevant to data literacy and strategies I can transfer to the classroom environment."


"The presentations were presented in a very practical manner. Information is easily transferable."


"I liked the fact that the presenters used examples of their experiences as a learning aide to present the content."


It is not uncommon to even make assumptions that for those students who attend certain schools, especially in the suburbs, the expectations and standards and level of success will be high while in other schools, like those in inner city neighborhoods, just the opposite. We have a choice and our company includes leaders in the field who will help to “drive home” what to do; why; how, how much and where; and tie it all to the accountability plan.

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